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Frequently asked questions.

There is a beautiful Chinese proverb, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

There is no reason why one should delay one’s investments, except, of course, when there is no money to invest. Within that, it is always better to use Mutual Funds than to do-it-oneself.

Invest for long term – an advice routinely given by many Mutual Fund distributors and investment advisors. This is especially true in case of certain Mutual Funds – such as equity and balanced funds.

Let us understand why the professionals give such advice. What really happens in the long term? Is there a benefit of staying invested for long term?

Majority of Mutual Fund schemes are open end schemes, which allow an investor to redeem the entire invested amount without any time restrictions.

Only under few instances  schemes impose a restriction on redemption, under extraordinary circumstances, as decided by the Board of Trustees.

Like other asset classes, Mutual Funds returns are calculated by computing appreciation in the value of your investment over a period as compared to the initial investment made. Net Asset Value of Mutual Fund indicates its price and is used in calculating returns from your Mutual Fund investments. Return over a period is calculated as the difference in sale date NAV and purchase date NAV upon  purchase date NAV and converted to percentage by multiplying the result by 100 . Any net dividend* or other income distribution by the fund during the holding period is also added to the capital appreciation while computing total returns.

Do different types of Mutual Fund schemes offer different kinds of returns?

Why should one invest in Mutual Funds? We keep hearing about poor performance of many Mutual Funds. And Mutual Funds offer no guarantees. Given these limitations, is there any reason why someone should consider investing in Mutual Funds at all? Do they perform at all?”

Well, often there are versions of this question, asked by existing as well as potential Mutual Fund investors.

While both Mutual funds and Portfolio Management Services (PMS) allow investors to invest in stocks and bonds by investing their money in a pooled investment vehicle that is managed by professional fund managers, they both are two different investment options serving different objectives and are meant for two different kinds of investors.

Anyone can invest in a Mutual Fund with as little as INR 500/-p.m. but PMS schemes require a minimum investment amount of INR 25 lakhs since they are primarily wealth management products targeted at HNIs. Mutual Funds are heavily regulated by SEBI while PMS schemes don’t have stringent disclosure norms. Also, PMS products are meant for advanced investors who can understand the risks involved since PMS funds may invest in securities that may not be easily tradable in the

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Risk Factors – Investments in Mutual Funds are subject to Market Risks. Read all scheme-related documents carefully before investing. Mutual Fund Schemes do not assure or guarantee any returns. Past performances of any Mutual Fund Scheme may or may not be sustained in future. There is no guarantee that the investment objective of any suggested scheme shall be achieved. All existing and prospective investors are advised to check and evaluate the Exit loads and other cost structure (TER) applicable at the time of making the investment before finalizing on any investment decision for Mutual Funds schemes. We deal in Regular Plans only for Mutual Fund Schemes and earn a Trailing Commission on client investments. Disclosure For Commission earnings is made to clients at the time of investments. Option of Direct Plan for every Mutual Fund Scheme is available to investors offering advantage of lower expense ratio. We are not entitled to earn any commission on Direct plans. Hence we do not deal in Direct Plans.

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