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About V6 Arthgyan LLP

Our Brand Promise

V6 Arthgyan LLP is a diversified solution provider, that creates innovative solutions worldwide to help clients achieve their goals in a rapidly changing world.

Our growth is based on unwavering principles and philosophies. Open communication with our clients helps us stay ahead of competition while ensuring that we keep the faith bestowed upon us safe. Our responsibility for your future is at the core of our values, influencing our actions that help us retain client belief. Investment and growth go hand in hand which is why we will continue to innovate, to create a healthier and happier society.

Company Value

We Would Like to Build your Legacy by Investing your Wealth Wisely!

As a leading Indian strategy specialist, we understand that managing wealth is as important as the creation of it.


"We are on a Mission to Educate, Inspire People About Financial Literacy & Empower Them To Live a Financially Confident and Stress Free Life Through our S.M.M Process"


"To Create A Company of Success Managers that will Serve more than 10000 Families to Create A Stress-Free & Financially Free Life For them in terms of Personal Finance by 2030 through our S.M.M Process"

What We Do

Our Five Steps Strategy is Based Upon

Investment Philosophy

We believe a notional loss is a real loss till markets turn around. Therefore, our philosophy is based the concept of investment experience. We believe in providing the customer a comfortable investment journey by using the principles of strategic asset allocation and rebalancing

Steady Returns Principle

We aim to provide stable and steady returns because we believe the short term for many of our customers is more crucial than the long term

Protecting Downside Risk

The backbone of our advising style is based on Risk Mitigation because we believe Risk is always Real and only has a probability of becoming notional at a future point in time

Tailormade Structures

We believe that every individual needs customization and in accordance with the same we have different approaches that include aggressive asset allocation, passive asset allocation and wealth protection

Take Charge of Your Money

We help you to make your dream a reality

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Office address-404,4th Floor Humbara Apartment, Shyama Chauraha, Narhi, Hazratganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226001, India

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